Third Trimester

Well…this is embarrassing! How has it been SO long since an update?! I suppose it’s a sign of a GOOD summer and busy toddler. Two things we are extremely thankful for!

But in all reality, yikes! Time is flying by and we are officially in the third trimester. Mama A and baby are doing fabulous and everything is still on track for delivery around the first week of December.

This journey the second time around has been so…different. Not different in a bad way, just different! Life is much busier with a one year old. We are not sitting around counting every passing day waiting and waiting for everything to happen. When I reflect on our journey to Lowen, I remember soooo much waiting. So much impatience. This time, it feels like we can’t catch up! Things are happening faster and faster and we’re falling behind.

This time around we also have our relationship with Mama A pre-established. We talk A LOT. We text/message at least twice a week and usually video call every other week. Having now known her for two years, she literally feels like a cousin or dear friend- someone you can’t imagine life without and someone you can call and chat/laugh about life with. I have so much less anxiety this time around as we know her well and know what to expect.

This time around life is also much crazier for myself. I have gone back to teaching full time, and I’ll be honest, it’s been rough. I don’t like to admit it as I want to appear that ‘I can handle it!’ I am super woman! I can be mom and wife and teacher. I can juggle our relationship with Mama A, while fundraising, applying for grants, grocery shopping, doing laundry, and getting dinner on the table each night. I can prepare a nursery, and sort through baby clothes, and maintain a social life. I can love on a sick babe and find backup childcare (so I don’t have to spend precious maternity leave time) while dealing with sickness myself (thankfully we are all on the mend). I can juggle flaming arrows and glass balls and look good while doing so…

…but I can’t. I’m struggling. I’ve cried myself home from work more times than I’d like to admit. My class this year is tough. Mom guilt is real. Sickness always comes at the worst times. Fundraising sucks.

And yet…YET…God is still good.

He has provided some steadfast encouragers that check in with me each week and pray for my students and myself.

He has surprised us with complete strangers sending us checks in the mail.

He has orchestrated a friend of a flight attendant in Atlanta to fly us shoes for our shoe fundraiser.

He has provided an amazing daycare that our social butterfly of a son loves going to.

He blessed me with 11 hours of sleep Friday night.

He gave our dear friends amazing talents and brought people together for an awesome benefit concert that helped us raise $2600.

He gave me a sister that loves to spend time with her nephew and allowed Greg and I to have a much needed date this past weekend.

There truly is SO much good.

But there are also a lot of things we are still praying for.

Our home study is still not finished (waiting on people is no fun). We NEED this in order to apply for grants…and many grants have deadlines…and applying for grants requires A LOT of time/paperwork with no guarantee of getting any of them.

We still need $29,000 + travel expenses. We have a Trivia Night coming up on September 24 and we’re in the works of organizing an online silent auction for the middle/end of October (using an online silent auction platform which we hope will be easier and better than using Facebook). But, we need to ask for donations, and asking for donations requires time. Setting up the platform requires time. Organizing and running these events takes time.

The to-do lists seem daunting. The time crunch feels more and more restricting each day.

But, I keep envisioning holding baby girl in my arms as the snow flies outside and the Christmas tree lights twinkle and I know it will all be worth it. I KNOW it will all happen and get done. I KNOW this season won’t last forever.

We know God is faithful and we rest in that. We are extremely thankful for each and everyone of you who have already showed up in big and small ways along this journey. We couldn’t do this alone and we are reminded all the time of the amazing village God put around us! Thank you for praying us through and encouraging us!

I’d say ‘stay tuned’ for more updates, but, at the rate of these updates, the next one might be a birth announcement- haha- let’s hope not. 🙂

-Greg, Kim, Lowen + Baby