Adoption Fundraisers

Now that school is done, we can really focus on getting some fundraising going for babe #2! We’re focusing most of our fundraising efforts on social media, but know not everyone follows us there! So here is a brief update and ways you can support us!

To learn more about our adoption journey and the costs involved, check out this video!

Our first $10,000 is due this Friday! 😳

These are the fundraisers we’re hoping to do this time around:

•BUY A NUMBER: we kicked this off on my Facebook page. Find me there if you’d like to participate! We did this last time and it worked SO well! Why reinvent the wheel?! However, we have a few modifications that include a gender reveal!

•TRIVIA NIGHT: As many of you know, we’ve been hosting Trivia Nights for the past few years raising money for different organizations in the area. We so badly wanted to do this last time we adopted…but, Covid. We are hoping to combine this event with a silent auction sometime in September!

•BENEFIT CONCERT: We are friends with some pretty talented people and we are working on a date for a concert & desserts sometime this summer!

•POP CANS: Oh pop cans. I really never need to return one again. BUT- it really did help with our funds last time, and we are all about putting in the hard work…we don’t expect handouts! With that being said, we also have a BUSY one year old and way less time on our hands. SO- we will gladly take your pop cans but we will not be coming to get them. You can drop them off at our house ANY time through November (message me for address), you can get them to one of our family members, or arrange to drop off to our vehicles at work (Zeeland & Dorr).

There may be a few more little ones sprinkled here and there, but this is our game plan for now! In all honesty, it seems daunting, but we are clinging strongly to the fact that God IS faithful and HE CAN DO IT AGAIN!

If you’d like to support us with a monetary donation you can do so in these ways:

-Venmo @KParlmer

-Cash App $KimParlmer

But the most important way you can support us is with your prayers!!

Thank you for you continued support as we grow our family! ❤️