Here we GROW again!

We are adopting baby #2!

I’ve started this post at least 10 times and keep hitting ‘backspace’ as I’m just not sure where to start.

Never did I expect to be sharing this news, right now, at this point in our journey. But that seems to be God’s favorite thing to do- show up in the unexpected- during our family planning.

For those of you that follow me on Facebook, you know that early in January, Mama A reached out to us and told us she was pregnant. She asked us to adopt again. We were surprised, thrilled, anxious- all the feelings- and without hesitation, said YES.

At 12/13 weeks she miscarried.

There is so much more to the story, but it’s her story to tell. We were heartbroken and sad but more so concerned for her and did our best to support her from afar.

After the miscarriage, we made plans to go and visit her in Kansas. We wanted to bring her some joy, allow her time to bond with Lowen, and have Lowen meet his brother. (We keep in touch almost weekly, but knew that making this trip and spending time in person would be so special.)

We traveled to Kansas in the middle of April, and during dinner together the first night, she slid us a napkin. I opened it up and was shocked to find a positive pregnancy test. We were NOT expecting such a surprise! She again asked if we would adopt and we of course said YES!

This pregnancy is going much better than the previous. She’s had a few ultrasounds, there’s been a strong heartbeat, and all looks good so far!

She is due the very beginning of December and will likely deliver the last week of November (she is usually induced at 39 weeks).

After the shock and excitement and emotions of the past few months settled down, reality started to sink in.

We know what this journey is like. We know the ups and downs, the unexpected bumps, the grief and joy, the tough conversations and moments of sincere love. We are going into this 2nd journey eyes WIDE open and honestly, it’s that much scarier this time around (the adoption process, not the relationships/new life). It sounds odd to say, but ignorance is bliss (about the process).

We also know how hard emotions are to manage. We know what all the paperwork, phone calls, and communication is like. We know how grueling fundraising can be. We know that it’s going to require sacrifice- of our time, choices, finances.

But we also know how extremely worth it, it will be.

We KNOW that God is good. We KNOW that God is faithful. We KNOW that God can do it again.

In all my seasons of life, I feel like God has always given me a song. I can name each song that I’ve heard over and over and over during each season (I firmly believe not by coincidence, but God using them to speak to me). Seasons where I was uncertain/making big decisions (where to go to college, taking my first job, moving back to Michigan), seasons of grief (after my grandpa died, after my dad’s death, during miscarriages/infertility), seasons of praise (getting married, taking Lowen home).

In 2020, when we were praying fervently for direction before starting the adoption process, I heard the song ‘Way Maker’ one morning as I was getting ready. I knew, in that moment, so deep in my soul, that adoption was what God was calling us to do. Adoption seemed impossible. BUT, He is/was a way maker.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been hearing another song over, and over, and over. Coincidence?

I think not.

“I’ve seen You move, You move the mountains-
And I believe, I’ll see You do it again.
You made a way, where there was no way-
And I believe, I’ll see You do it again!”

(Do It Again, Elevation Worship)

We have a big mountain ahead of us, but we know that God will do it again. He will continue to strengthen our relationship with Mama A, He will allow all the paperwork and appointments to get done, He will provide the funds, He will give us peace.

Already, there are so many blessings.

What a blessing to already know Mama A. What a blessing to have the relationship we’ve built. What a blessing to know what to expect. What a blessing to know the area/hospital. What a blessing to know the agency. What a blessing to have another child- a blessing we didn’t know if we’d get to experience!

As we’ve shared the news with some friends and family already, a few questions have come up.


  1. Will it cost the same? This question is always interesting to me. I’ll leave it at that. Yes, the cost will be very similar. We could use just an attorney instead of going through the agency, BUT we want to do what’s best for Mama A. She has used this agency for all of her adoptions. She trusts the social workers which is HUGE. They are the ones who bring her to appointments, provide care for her son while she’s at appointments, set up counseling, etc… it’s SO important to us that she is well taken care of. They are like family to her and because she desires to use them, we fully support that. It’s ultimately her decision.
  2. Is this a biological sibling to Lowen? Baby will be a half sibling.
  3. Will baby have the same heart issues as Lowen? No clue! TGA is not genetic and the cause for it is unknown.
  4. How close in age will they be? 21 months apart.
  5. Will you adopt a third time? Wouldn’t we like to know! WE think this will be our last adoption. Do we want to say that with finality? Nope! We know God’s plans always prevail over ours.
  6. Will you be fundraising? Yes, we will have to. More to come on that later. But do NOT save your pop cans for us. 😜

As always, Mama A has the option to parent. We would celebrate that choice and support her 100%. We know that anything can happen. ANYTHING. We are an open book (as much as we can be) and will share the highs and lows once again- because as much as we need prayer for the ‘highs’ we always need prayers for the ‘lows’ too.

For now, we invite you to share in our excitement and add Mama A and baby to your prayer list. We don’t know what this adventure ahead will include, but we DO know…

Where God guides, He provides!