Week 50 + 51

Welcome back! I don’t know about you, but the sunshine and warmer temps today have me excited for Spring!

As I was typing the ‘title’ for today’s post I realized we are coming up on week 52 and 52 weeks = a year. I distinctly remember the day I emailed FAC for the first time inquiring about adoption. It was March 8, 2020. In almost exactly a years time, we will have baby boy in our arms. Insane.

So many people have commented that this process has seemed to FLY by. I laugh. 🙂 Yes, it is crazy to believe this all happened in a year, but there were times this year DRAGGED on. Waiting is not my strong suit!

But, we now have officially entered countdown mode, and in true teacher fashion, created a countdown chain we rip off each night.

We leave for Kansas on Wednesday, March 10. As of this morning, that means we have just 15 days. These 15 days will probably be the slowest days of our lives. I told Greg that in some ways I’m anxious to get there and ‘rip the band-aid’. I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of all the emotions. I’m tired of the what-ifs. Six months is a long time to wait and wonder and worry. I long for the days we’re home as a family 3 living our new normal! BUT- it’s all worth it!

This past week has been an emotionally high week. After finding out we received the $4000 grant from Gift of Adoption, we thought God had already given us more than we expected. In one of my very first posts, I mentioned that we were hoping for 1 to 2 grants about $500-$1000 each. The $4000 from GOA already surpassed our expectations!

You can imagine then, the sheer joy and relief we felt when we got a call from Help Us Adopt (just 5 days later) awarding us a $7,500 grant! We were shocked! We now didn’t need the full $20,000 loan as we were just $13,000 away from our DEBT FREE GOAL!

As if that wasn’t enough, God decided to blow us out of the water one more time. We had heard about a local grant through a local vintage/homegoods boutique- The Found Cottage- and decided to apply. Little did we know how many other people were also applying and nominating us! A few weeks ago we were contacted that our family was chosen. We had no idea what that meant or how much the grant was for. We were guessing it’d be about $1000.

Last week we got the final email that Liz & Jose Galvan, through The Found Cottage, were awarding us a grant of $10,000!

I wept.

This was ONLY God. We had given up on our God-sized goal. We had doubted His abilities. BUT, in our moment of doubt and weakness, He showed up.

In a weeks time, we had been given $21,500 in grants. We had expected $500-$1000. God took our jar of oil and made it OVERFLOW. To HIM be the glory!

We’ve never felt more peace or reassurance throughout this entire journey. Where God guides, He provides. When we step into the unknown, follow His leading, and trust Him- He shows up. If you don’t know this awesome God, I urge you to reach out. I, and many others, would be happy to tell you of His love, grace, and goodness. Our story may seem like knowing God is just this happy-go-lucky story of blessings and riches that He gives us…but let us remind you of the dark, empty, grief-filled road we walked to get here. God doesn’t promise life will be easy. He doesn’t promise we get what we want. But He DOES promise to be faithful. He promises to redeem our pain. He promises to turn our weeping into joy. Those promises give us PEACE. This peace is for you too!

We are now just $3,000 away from paying 100% of our adoption expenses- with no loan! Amazing! If you’d like to read about the grant and our story on Liz’s blog, you can find that (HERE). If you aren’t familiar with The Found Cottage, I highly encourage you to check them out- they have the CUTEST stuff and I could spend many hours (and dollars!) shopping in their gorgeous boutique! (HERE) is a link to their online shop! We can’t say THANK YOU enough to Liz & Jose, The Found Cottage, Gift of Adoption, and Help Us Adopt for their generosity. God used each and every one of them to be a vital part of our story.

We’ve also been spending quite a bit of time getting our home ready for baby. This winter I converted our front porch into a playroom! I know baby won’t use it for a while yet, but it serves as a designated place to put toys/baby equipment! Before, we just had a wicker sofa on the porch that we barely used. This will get MUCH more use and serves a more practical purpose! Here are some pics of the new ‘playroom’, a few other areas around the house that are ready for baby, + the rocking chair finally re-upholstered! (Yay!)

We’ve been in contact with Mama A as usual, and she is SO ready to get this baby out! She has told us she’s given him his eviction notice and he’s running out of time. 🙂 At her appointment last week, baby still looks healthy and happy! We are so excited to see her again and finally meet little man!

As we impatiently wait out these last two weeks, we covet your prayers. Prayers for Mama A, for baby, for our social workers, and lawyers. Prayers for all the people we’ll come in contact with during our trip- pilots, hospital staff, and Airbnb hosts. And prayers for us- for our emotions, our patience, and health.

God has brought us this far, and we’re trusting Him to carry us the rest of the way.

Until next time, blessings!