Weeks 45-49

It has been too long! I also can’t believe it’s already FEBRUARY! Time is flying.

I’ll try to be brief as I summarize most of January, but it has been a fun, full month!

Week 45: This was a pretty low-key normal week. My brother had back surgery so I spent some extra time helping him and cleaning his house on my days off. Being part time and not yet taking on the role of mom, has been such a blessing- it has allowed me extra time to help family and pour into other relationships- such a delight!

Week 46: We had our first baby shower! As you might remember from a previous post at the beginning of our journey, I really struggled with the idea of a baby shower. People have supported us SO much already and it was easy to feel guilty. I’m so thankful for my counselor who has helped me process many of these emotions and feelings. I realized that people wanted to throw us a shower. No one was forcing them to. They wanted to buy us gifts. No one was making them. It was truly humbling to realize this and it allowed me to get excited to do this very ‘normal’ part of becoming a mom.

My sisters-in-law threw us our first shower and it was virtual- who would’ve thought! It was still so much fun and we were SO blessed. That night after we had hauled all the gifts into the living room, I was suddenly super overwhelmed. It was a very unexpected feeling. All these things- most of which I had NO idea how to use/when to use/why to use them. All this stuff that needed to find a place in our house. It was a mild moment of a panic wondering if we were truly ready for this. We took the weekend to put stuff away, read directions, and assemble things and I slowly started to feel much more prepared and ready.

At church that same weekend, we were handed an envelope that someone had put in the offering plate the week before. It was labeled ‘Parlmer Adoption’. Greg and I opened it when we got home and we were shocked to find $400. What a HUGE, unexpected gift!! Our hearts were literally exploding from such a blessing-filled weekend. WOW. God is faithful! We delighted in Him and His goodness!

Week 47: We had our second baby shower! This one was hosted by my sister. As I’ve also mentioned in previous posts, I’m not sure who is more excited about this baby joining our family- us or her. 🙂 She went above and beyond and spoiled us! It was such a fun day celebrating in person and loving on baby boy. We again felt so much more prepared after putting things way and realizing all the stuff baby will actually need! So thankful!

This week we also had a phone call with Mama A to set up our birth plan! It was such a surreal experience talking about what that day will look like. We have been waiting for this for SIX months. Thinking back to September when we were matched seems like AGES ago. And yet here we are!

Mama A is all about us fully experiencing the hospital and delivery process. This is SUCH a gift. We will never be able to thank her enough for allowing us this special time that we thought we’d never have. I will possibly be allowed to be in the delivery room (unless covid regulations change between now and then) and we will be able to do skin-to-skin immediately. Baby will be able to stay with us in our room too (we will have our own hospital room as long as the hospital isn’t full).

These are all her desires. We kept emphasizing over and over that we will respect WHATEVER she wants. Everything is up to her. Our biggest goal is that she is comfortable, loved, and supported well. We discussed many other details of the day/days of birth and after and we couldn’t be more excited!

To finish out the week, we were handed yet another card at church. It looked like a ransom note as letters were cut out of a magazine to spell ‘Greg and Kim’. We were SHOCKED, literally shocked, to open it up and find $1000 inside. The word ‘DELIGHT‘ was also spelled with cut-out letters and it instantly brought me to tears.

One thousand dollars. We have no idea who it was from. We have no idea the circumstances surrounding this money. It could’ve been a huge sacrifice. It could’ve been something they saved for a while. It could’ve been an easy gift for them to give, it could’ve been extremely difficult. We don’t know. But we praised God for this anonymous person. We prayed that they would be blessed and that they would know how much of a blessing they were to us. I’m assuming this person reads our blog as they knew our word of the year. 😉 If you are reading this- THANK YOU. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. It brought us true delight!

To all of you who have given us support- THANK YOU. Whether it’s been pop cans, prayers, $5 or $500…each is a sacrifice and selfless gift. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you!

Week 48: This week we had…you guessed it…another baby shower. 🙂 This time hosted by our church! Our church has been a HUGE support during this entire journey and this shower proved it once again. Our church family is incredible. We can’t wait to raise baby boy in a congregation that genuinely loves and supports each other in tangible ways, lifts each other up in prayer, and challenges us in our walk with Christ.

Trying out our baby wrap with Mr. Rhino. 🙂

As if this week wasn’t exciting enough, it ended with Mama A calling us with an OFFICIAL baby date! March 12! We are thrilled! We need to be at the hospital at 6:30 am the morning of the 12th to start the induction process. Eeek!

We immediately booked our plane tickets, reserved our Airbnb, and reserved a rental car. We are ready!

Week 49: This week started off on a high note finding out we’ve been awarded a $4000 grant from the Gift of Adoption Fund! This is HUGE! We were really starting to give up hope in regards to grants as we had gotten rejection letter after rejection letter. All those hours I spent filling out grant applications seemed wasted. But all it takes it one! We’d heard most grants award $500-$1000 so $4000 was a huge shock!

This puts us soooo much closer to our goal! We have about $1000 left for immediate expenses along with our $20,000 loan. Our big God-sized goal when we started was to do this adoption debt free. I’ll be honest, in November I gave up on that goal. It seems impossible. I was reflecting on that this week and was saddened at how quickly I dismissed our goal. It seems impossible to my human brain and timeline. I dismissed it because I couldn’t see it working. How silly! It is a GOD-sized goal for a reason! He continues to show up and we know He’s not yet finished.

This week I also started packing baby’s suitcase. As things get more real, I get more nervous. I know we’re in for a huge life change. I know at some point we’ll take this baby and have to take care of it…on our own. I think these are all valid first time parent fears and they are often quickly outweighed with excitement!

One month from today we should be meeting that sweet boy for the first time. We ask for continued prayers for Mama A, baby, and us. It’s hard to believe we’re here, but we’re ready! We can’t wait to share this long awaited blessing with you!