Word in Review + (Week 41-43)

The New Year is just days away and I know many of us are hoping it brings respite from the year we just experienced. Nothing could’ve prepared us for what 2020 held- in our world and in our personal lives.

For those of you that have been ‘following’ me for quite some time, you know that a few years back, Greg and I started the tradition of picking a word for the year. (You can read about that HERE). It’s something we enjoy doing that helps us reflect on our year in an intentional way. It’s amazing to see how God shows up time and time again in ways that draw us back to that word.

Last year, when we picked our word, we had no idea how it would evolve. It was a word we both felt drawn to, we prayed about it, and asked that God would use this word to do mighty things in our life this year.

I am MIND-BLOWN when I reflect on our word for 2020. We could’ve never imagined how God would show up and use that word to change our lives. It is not coincidence. It is not random. It proves how faithful and sovereign our God is to use a seemingly ‘silly’ tradition to frame our entire year.

Our word for 2020 is OPEN. We want to be open to God’s plans for our future, open to new ideas and new possibilities, we want to open our home and strengths more to bless others, we want to open Gods Word in new and more faithful ways. We want to be open in our conversations with others and more open about our faith with non-believers. We’re excited to see how God will use us this year as we open our lives to Him.


It brings me to tears.

Last year at this time adoption wasn’t even on our radar.

We were struggling to know what plans God had to grow our family.

We were closing up, protecting our hearts, and wallowing in darkness.

But in 2020, God led us to OPEN.

He opened our minds and hearts to growing our family in a way we never thought possible.

He opened our lives to new people, beautiful people that are now friends, through this adoption journey.

He opened our hands to receive help from all of YOU. (For someone with closed fists, that likes to be independent, this was a challenge!)

He led us to the most beautiful, humbling, perfect-for-us OPEN adoption.

We have opened up our lives and hearts to Mama A.

We have opened up God’s Word over and over and over as we’ve sought His direction, His promises, and His peace.

I don’t think there is a better word to describe this past year: open.

Picking our word and writing this story is only something God could do. In some ways, it puts a lot of pressure on picking our word for 2021. Will it live up to our word from this past year? What if it falls flat when reflecting on it a year from now?

Those are silly worries in view of our BIG God. If God wants us to grow and change based on our word of the year, He’ll make it happen. No doubt. And if not, He’ll guide us in new and different ways- why should we fear?

We have yet to pick our word for 2021. We’ll work on it this weekend and I’ll be sure to share it with you in the New Year. Maybe you’ve been inspired to pick a word for your year as well- go for it! I know you won’t regret it. Give the reigns to God and see how He shows up in your life this year.

As for an update on weeks 41-43 with the adoption, things are pretty status quo! We daily text/talk with Mama A and love, love, love the glimpses she gives us into her pregnancy- it makes us feel so much more connected to baby and it’s a gift to ‘experience’ this pregnancy with her. She had some Braxton Hicks contractions this past week and felt baby drop…she’s thinking he may come early.

We are officially in the third trimester and things could happen anytime! We hope baby keeps cooking a while longer…but man, oh man, is this all getting REAL! We are anxiously excited and embracing the calm before our lives change forever.

2021, we are SO ready for you.