Week 30 + 31 + 32

Welcome back! It feels like it’s been a while without an update, so here we are. Lots on my mind these past few weeks and I’ve been trying to sort through how to best share it all!

I’ve actually rewritten these first few paragraphs three times. The first time was therapeutic (and written in anger), the second time was a bit more tame (but I still knew I shouldn’t post it) , and so this time I’ll leave it at this:

The adoption journey is hard.

There will always be critics.

There will always be cheerleaders.

You shouldn’t ever have to defend your choices.

Our journey is exactly that- our journey.

Having said that, it’s update time! We had our first phone call with Mama A last week. We were SO unbelievably nervous. So nervous. But, within 30 seconds of our conversation, we were so at ease. Mama A is a chatterbox and is such an easy person to talk to! We immediately felt like we were old friends. We laughed, we cried, we chatted for over an hour, and when we got off the phone we praised God. We could not have written a better story if we tried.

Since then, Mama A and I have been texting daily. I truly can’t explain what a relationship like this is like. She is so excited for us. We expected to be the ones encouraging and cheering her on, but she is encouraging us just as much. She’s amazing.

It was always in the plans to visit her at some point between now and March, but we were honored and humbled when she invited us to be a part of a special event. We booked flights and will be heading to Kansas the first week of December. My planner self is excited to get to know the area before our ‘longer stay’. We are also able to stay in the Airbnb we will stay at in March. And, of course, we’re excited to spend more time with Mama A.

I finally made time the last few weeks to update the ‘baby book’ we bought. I searched and searched for the perfect one- one that was tailored to adoption AND cute. 🙂 I stumbled upon this one on Etsy and ordered it immediately! It’s been so special writing down all the parts of our journey and writing letters to our child that someday he/she will get to read and cherish.

We’ve still been returning pop cans like crazy too. Greg and his dad drove up to Big Rapids area with a huge trailer to pick up about 5,000 cans someone collected. It may seem silly, but it’s been such a great way for us to raise funds! To date we’ve returned about 50,000 cans and earned about $5,000! WOW!

We continue to do our puzzle piece gender reveal fundraiser and I continue to make earrings. One of our grant review dates was pushed back another month (sigh) and we’re still waiting to hear back from others. We are PRAYING we will receive at least one grant. If you’d like to pray specifically for us, this would be a wonderful thing to add to your prayer list.

Greg and I sat down the other night to hash out finances and the more we crunched numbers, the more we realized we don’t want to take out the full loan we’ve been approved for if we can help it. It would make our monthly budget tight. But this also means finding ways to raise/earn extra funds. Our fear and doubt often gets the best of us in regards to the financial side of things. We prayed Saturday night that God would give us a renewed sense of trust in His providence. Sunday we received a surprise donation from someone at church and yesterday I received a random card with a donation from someone else. Completely random, but completely an answer to prayer. God hears. God provides. If that wasn’t enough reassurance, I got the mail when I got home yesterday and found an unexpected $500 check from overflow in our escrow account. Coincidence? Not a chance. God is shouting at us ‘I got this! Trust me!’

Time seems to be flying by and dragging all at once. Some days I can’t wait to be parents and hold that baby for the first time, and other days I savor the moments and freedom of being kid-free for a few more months. It’s bittersweet.

I’ll end today with a big THANK YOU. Thank you to those of you who pray for us, Mama A, and baby. Thank you to those of you who continue to support us financially. Thank you to those of you who ask questions, seek understanding, and desire to encourage us in practical ways. We are so thankful for our village that is walking alongside us in this journey.

God is good and He is faithful!