Week 24 + 25 + 26

Oh you guys. Never did I imagine I’d be writing this post so soon. But here we are: matched!!!

It’s surreal. Nothing can prepare you for that phone call and the rush of emotions to follow. I know you’re probably excited to know the details- and we’re excited to share. However, we are also super mindful of the expectant mama and her privacy, so we will share what we can.

We received this case last week. It was the first case we’d seen with a March due date and that felt forever away. It was also the first case we could write a letter for (in addition to our profile book) and so we mulled over that for quite some time figuring out exactly what we wanted to say. Our answer and letter was due by Sunday. Our answer for every case so far had been ‘yes’ and there was no reason we wouldn’t say ‘yes’ to this one as well.

We emailed our consultant Saturday and put our ‘yes’ on the table.

Thursday afternoon my phone rang and it was our consultant. My heart started racing and my stomach dropped. Could it be?!

I answered. She just had two questions for us: 1) Have we ever had a dog? 2) Do we like Disney? Super random. Super quick. That was all she needed and the call was over as quick as it had started. I was so confused. What was that all about?!

A few hours later she called us and explained an agency had called and a mom had those questions for us. That’s all she knew. It didn’t mean ANYTHING.

But hello, it meant EVERYthing. A mom was actually considering us?! Considering us enough to reach out and ask us questions?! Seriously!? We kept our expectations low and our hearts guarded.

Before bed Thursday night, I told Greg: “I have this feeling. I’ve only ever had it a handful of times in my life, like before I decided to go to Dordt, before I got my first teaching job, days before dad died- it’s this feeling of unexplainable peace. I so strongly feel, we are going to match with this mom.”

We went to bed (I barely slept).

Friday I woke up (it’s one of my days off) and ran some errands. I sat down for lunch about 12:45.

Every Friday between 1-2pm our consultant sends us a weekly update explaining which moms have been matched, which are still deciding, etc…

When I looked at the clock, my heart sank. We should’ve been getting that email any minute. I opened my email just to see if anything had come through. Nothing.

Ten minutes later my phone rang. It was our consultant. Again. My heart stopped.

She told me she had some more clarity about those questions from yesterday- our answers must’ve been right, because the mom chose us! We’re matched!

My mind went blank. Every emotion I’ve ever felt coursed through my body. I stopped listening and tried to digest those words: the mom chose us.

We were CHOSEN.


I don’t remember how the call ended but I hung up and I wept. Tears of pure joy. Tears of months of heartache released. Tears of immense love for this mama and her baby. I composed myself as best I could and called Greg at work.

Right away he could tell I was crying and asked if I was all right. I could barely get the words out- she picked us!

I paced the house, shaking. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I called my sister, I called some friends, each person I told it sunk in more and more.

Greg finally got home from work and we went and told our families. They were just as shocked as we were. This is what we’ve prayed for, for so long.

We were emotionally drained by last night. This journey has some low lows and extremely high highs.

March seems like FOREVER away. BUT, my planner heart is at so much peace now that we have a date. We have time to prepare. We can make a rough plan.

This is a super early match. Often times you are matched just one or two months before birth. However, this dear mama has placed other children for adoption and knew early on she wanted to do the same with the baby she’s carrying. It reassures us to know she’s done this before, but the teeny, tiny fearful part of our heart knows that anything can happen between now and then. This is where we trust God’s incredible timing and plan. We truly have so much peace.

We will be traveling to Kansas- woohoo! We’ve never been there, and we’re excited for this big adventure that lies ahead.

So what now?

The moms agency will be in contact with us soon and we will be able to communicate with the mom as much or as little as she wants. We’d love to start building a relationship with her. It’s our prayer that as we pour into her she will experience the true love of Christ.

We will also start organizing/planning some final fundraising activities. The cost is a bit higher than we expected but we’re thankful we have six more months to work hard at raising funds. Our goal has been, and continues to be, to do this as debt free as possible. Where God guides, He provides.

And we wait!

We can’t thank FAC enough for walking with us through this journey. Their average match time is 4.5 months and the average amount of cases you see before a match is 40-60. We matched in just 4 weeks (we saw our first case Aug. 13) and after 8 cases. It’s truly unbelievable and ONLY God. Your prayers, our prayers- were heard.

We still ask ourselves, ‘why us!?’ What was it about us? We feel so unworthy. This sweet mama is giving us the greatest gift we could ever ask for. We will never be able to thank her enough.

Now we wait and pray. Will your pray with us?

-Pray for Mama A: that she feels peace, that she would know she is loved, and that she would continue to feel good as she heads into the 2nd trimester. Thank God with us that she is choosing life.

-Pray for her baby. Pray that baby continues to grow and develop. Pray that God would protect his/her body, heart, and mind.

-Pray for us as we start to form a relationship with mama A. Pray that we would be an encouragement, support, and light to her. Pray that we would be sensitive to her needs and emotions.

-Pray for the agencies and people involved in this entire process. There are so many hands and hearts involved and each and every one is an integral part of the process. We can begin to thank them all enough.

-Pray for the wait.

-Pray for satan to STAY AWAY…from us, Mama A, her baby. We know he loves to discourage, confuse, and cause fear. We pray against all those things!

-Pray for other waiting families. This wait can be so long and gruesome. There are so many more families waiting for their ‘yes’. Knowing we’re matched can be so hard for others.

I’m not sure how much we’ll have to update you with during the next few months, but we won’t be too quiet. We’ll still try to share at least 1-2 times a month, even if it’s with ‘normal life’ updates!

Lastly- THANK YOU. For journeying with us this far. Thank you for praying us to this point. Thank you for the encouragement, congratulations, and love. We couldn’t do this without you.

We love you all and can’t wait to introduce you to Baby P.