Week 23

Things are still happening, but there’s not much to update you on! I’ve been spending a lot of time at school this week getting ready for the year and Greg has been busy at work. We are thankful for jobs that we love that help keep our minds occupied during this wait!

We were presented with 3 more cases this week and said YES to all three! They were all in different states, with different due dates- a few months out. We’ve already heard that two of them chose others families. This means we are still waiting to hear back from one.

The NO’s have been easier to accept this week. I think the more we get used to the process, the more in check we keep our expectations. We will only get one YES. We only want one YES. It will just take NO’s to get there and nobody likes NO’s. But, it’s all a part of the process.

I’m sure there will be more cases headed our way this coming week and we wait in anticipation to see if one might be our child.

We’ve been praying a lot this week for T, the first mom we said yes to that was due this past week. We prayed for her heart, her baby, a healthy delivery, and for peace amidst so many emotions. We also prayed for the family she chose- as they connect their life with hers. If you think about it, would you say a prayer for all of them too? Even though it wasn’t our child, each of these mama’s and babies leaves an impression on our hearts.

I also have to take a minute to share about our buddy ‘M’ at Meijer. Through our hours of returning pop cans, we got to know this young man well. He often works in the can return area but we now see him all throughout the store. During the long evenings we spent putting can after can in the machines, we learned that ‘M’ was also adopted. He was so excited when he found out our reason for returning cans. He shared a bit about his story and we developed an instant connection. Since June, we’ve run into ‘M’ several more times during our weekly grocery shopping and he always greets us with a big hug and stops to chat.

Today I ran into him again and as I was walking away, I was overcome with gratitude. This adoption journey is so much bigger than us. It has expanded us in ways we never expected and has brought people into our lives we would’ve never known otherwise. FAC’s mission and our goal throughout this all is to love others BIG & WELL. Yet, we often feel that we’re the ones being loved big & well.

Being open to God’s leading is often scary and unknown. However, it’s in the scary and unknown that we grow the most. We can’t imagine our story looking any different at this point in time, but just 5 months ago, we had no idea our story would look like it does.

What is a God asking you to be open to this week? Looking ahead, what scares you? If we can encourage you to do one thing this week, it’s this: step out in faith and see what our God can do.