Week 20

As most of you know already, we are ACTIVE! It is so surreal to be at this point. We have prayed many prayers of thanks this week!

Jason, at FAC, looked over all of our paperwork and everything is good to go! It’s a relief and proud moment for my OCD heart. FAC has been SO top-notch and ahead of the game in dealing with paperwork. We have ALL i’s dotted and t’s crossed so that the process from here on out should be flawless.

Once our baby is born, we will have to reside in baby’s birth state for 3-15 days before ICPC approves us to cross to state lines. This will go SO much smoother if all of our paperwork and clearances are done correctly and ahead of time. This is one of the biggest reasons FAC is so picky and checks everything with a fine-toothed comb. It truly will pay off later!

Most of FAC’s babies are born in Utah, Texas, and Florida. Texas is the only state in the US that requires separate clearances for adoptive parents done by the state of Texas- these clearances usually take around 6 weeks. Because of this, many other agencies often run into problems because their clients aren’t ‘Texas’ approved (and therefore can’t adopt from Texas). Since FAC has so many matches in Texas, they require all of their clients to be Texas approved before going active. Yes, it is an added cost (but compared to all the expenses, it’s more like a drop in the bucket) that might not even be needed, BUT it could potentially be such a HUGE help in the future. We got our Texas clearances done way back in March and we’re selfishly hoping our baby might be from Texas….just another excuse for us to get back to San Antonio!

All that to say- we’re super impressed with FAC and all the paperwork they’ve had us do on the front end to make sure we’re super prepared and ready to go when we do travel and deal with all the legal stuff.

We have not been presented with any ‘situations’ yet…we will be getting paired with a consultant from FAC this week, who will walk us through the rest of the journey. Our consultant will start to present us situations/cases and we’ll say yes or no depending on what we’re comfortable with. If we say ‘yes’ to a mom, that mom is given our profile (along with others) and once a mutual yes happens (from us and the expectant mom) then we are matched! This could take days, weeks, or months!

It’s exciting and scary! Greg and I often ask each other, ‘Are we really ready for this?!’…which I think is a common question for all expectant parents. We are SO ready, but we know life as we know it is going to change drastically!

Last night we got together with some other local adoptive families for a couples backyard BBQ. It was SUCH a blessing to spend an evening with others who ‘get it’. It was so encouraging to hear their stories, be with people who understand adoption (and for many, infertility too), and use adoption ‘lingo’ freely without having to explain ourselves. 🙂 We are also so thankful for this group in hopes that as our child grows, he/she will have some ‘built in’ friends that are also adopted. It was also good for Greg to be around some other adoptive dads (so much of the adoption experience is shared between women/moms, it was great to have the husbands represented too!)

As for the week ahead, we are busy preparing for our silent auction! It was an idea that came to us a while back, and has since exploded! We were thinking 10-20 items would make for a great auction, but we’ve quickly doubled that amount!

When we started to plan, our goal was to share our local favorites with family and friends. We contacted some of our favorite restaurants, stores, etc…not expecting much. We had VERY low expectations. BUT, we’ve been humbled by the generosity of friends and complete ‘strangers’ that are not just willing, but excited to partner with us. I literally have to hold myself back from hugging all the people I go pick up donations from. I don’t know if people quite understand how much it means to us. You/they are literally helping our dreams come true. We will never be able to say ‘thank you’ enough, but we will be forever supporters of their businesses- and we hope you’ll be too!

We have been given some AMAZING items and every dollar will go straight to our adoption fund. Now all we need is YOU! We need bidders! My biggest fear, as with all this fundraising, is that it will be a complete flop. I suppose it’s a natural fear, but it doesn’t get any easier putting aside our pride and asking for help. We know God has been faithful time and time again, it’s just our human nature to doubt!

If silent auctions are your thing and you’d love to bid on some great items, be sure to add me on Facebook and tune in Thursday starting at 3pm. The auction will run through Saturday, August 8 @ 8pm. If you’d like to see any items ahead of time, let me know! You can gladly come over and peruse. I had to cave and set up a table in the office to organize everything!

As always, thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support! We say it all the time, but we truly couldn’t do it without all of you. We are SO thankful for the people God has put around us! Tune in next week to hear how the auction went and to see if we’ve started being ‘presented’!