Week 18 + 19

Our home study is FINALIZED! It’s been a super exciting week over here on the adoption front. Things finally started moving again after weeks of waiting!

Week 18 (July 12-18) : was a very normal, low key week until Friday at 3pm when I got an email from the state of South Dakota with the FINAL clearances we needed! I called our social worker right away and had to leave a voicemail. So anti-climatic. I figured being Friday at 3pm there wouldn’t be much they could do before the next week anyway.

Week 19 (July 19-25) :

Monday- got a call back from our social worker that they were PRINTING our home study. I literally did a happy dance in my kitchen! I spent the afternoon making sure we had ALL the files in order that we needed to send to ‘the document dude’ at FAC (Faithful Adoption Consultants).

Tuesday- 11am got THE call that the home study was notarized and I COULD PICK IT UP! I really feel like this would not normally be so exciting, but the fact that we had to wait so long made it that much more celebratory! My sister and I drove down to GR to pick it up. As soon as we got back I started scanning it, uploading it to our online file and then headed to FedEx. I nervously handed over every detail of our life and hard work from the past 4 months and trusted Mr. FedEx with all our hopes and dreams. I couldn’t bring myself to pay $75 to overnight it, so I went with the $30 option getting it there Thursday morning.

I spent the rest of the afternoon completing all the grants I had started months ago (but needed our home study for) and submitted 3 more online and mailed one out.

Wednesday: was a busy day with other life stuff going on- a welcome distraction!

Thursday: I had to bring my grandma to get her hair done and I got groceries. I continually checked the tracking for our package and at noon noticed it still hadn’t been delivered. Grrr. By 2pm there was a notice that the package had the wrong address! WHAT! I thought I had completed my lesson on patience- no more, God! 🙂 I called FedEx and we got it straightened out- there was one number off in the zip code…but it would arrive by Friday morning instead. I reminded myself over and over, His time, not mine.

Friday: I tracked that package like my life depended on it and ‘Document Dude’ Jason emailed me seconds after I got the delivery text that he had received it!!!! Having it out of our hands and into his/theirs was the best feeling ever.

What Now?

Jason will look over our file and make sure we have everything we need. He already started emailing us Friday afternoon with some updates. Once he verifies it’s all there (and that could take a couple of days since there is a lot to wade through), we will then be ‘assigned’ a consultant (who will walk through the rest of the journey with us) and we’ll be ‘active’. We’re hopeful to be at this stage by the end of next week.

We are SO, SO happy to be ‘here’. Basically, we had a busy week that has now led us to more waiting. But this waiting is the best waiting- WAITING for our child.

We could be matched in a matter of weeks, or it could be a few months. FAC’s average match time is 4.5 months. We could be the average or we could be the exception.

Our biggest push for fundraising was to have enough to be matched ($50,000). Through your help and generous hearts we have raised SO much. It’s incredible. We are still daily in awe of how God has provided. We are hoping and praying that we might get a grant ($250-$5000) but because FAC is a consultant group and we could potentially match quickly, we’ve been told not to expect any grants and be extra surprised if we do. (Most grants aren’t awarded until 4-6 months after submission and we could be done with the entire process by then.)

We’re still returning a slow trickle of pop cans and we are approved for a $20,000 loan. So we CAN be matched. However, we would LOVE to not have to use all (if any) of the loan.

Our adoption fund currently stands at $31,500 and has stalled out a bit. We haven’t been pushing it lately (we are trying SO hard to balance fundraising without being needy/annoying) but we are ready to tackle another chunk of our goal!

Assuming it will take a few months to be matched, our new goal is to be at the $40,000 mark when we get matched. We are just $8,500 away. Covid, masks, and social distancing have made so many fundraising ideas that much more complicated, but we hope to share our next one with you soon!

As we head into the coming week, we HOPE we get the news that we are ‘active’. Things are becoming REAL. It’s exciting and it’s terrifying. We continue to trust God, His timing and His plan. We pray daily for our child and the expectant mom we will be matched with, and we pray for all those involved in the process (I prayed so much for FedEx workers this week…it’s a bit laughable but also real life. You don’t think to pray for such things until your in a situation like this!).

We continually thank God for all of you as well- we would not be where we are on this journey if it wasn’t for our community of friends and family surrounding us.

God is good, and He is faithful. Maybe you need that reminder this week too. Whatever lies ahead, we’re thankful to know the one who holds the future.

As always, stay tuned for updates!