Weeks 14 + 15 + 16

No news is good news, right?

How about no news is…..no news.

Hence, three weeks worth of updates in one post. We’ve been busy enjoying summer and not much has been happening. Surprisingly, we’re taking it in stride!

Week 14 (June 14-20) was busy, busy, busy. I was over at my sister’s by 8am each morning and there each evening until about 9pm. We baked, and decorated, and baked, and decorated some more. We spent about 60+ hours that week getting ready for our bake sale/pop-up shop fundraiser. As we spent long hours preparing, we doubted how productive this fundraiser would be. We had no idea what kind of turn out we’d have.

It was a HOT weekend for a pop-up shop, but you guys showed up! We were blown away. The first few hours on Friday were CRAZY busy…we had to go home that night and bake to replenish supplies for Saturday! It was a lot of work, but so much fun, and SO worth it. We were able to raise $1600! If there’s anyone else that’s as excited as us for this baby, it’s my sister. She has given SO much of her time, talents, and money already and words fall short to express our appreciation. She can’t wait to be Aunt Rachel. ❤

A huge shout-out to our cousins for helping us on Saturday!

Week 15 (June 21-27) was a MUCH needed change of pace. After a full week of returning cans, and then a full week of baking, I was exhausted. We spent the week doing ‘normal’ things and relaxing. It was good to recharge!

Week 16- the week we’re in the middle of! I figured I’d update now since I don’t see any ‘updates’ coming before the weekend. Plus, we’re heading up to the cottage tonight for the 4th. So when I say nothing has happened, I truly mean nothing has happened. We’ve been in contact with our social worker about twice a week (I may have reached annoying-mom-to-be status with her ;)) but we are really trying to advocate for ourselves. It’s NOT our social worker’s fault that we are dealing with this delay- it’s the state of Michigan.

She finally emailed me Monday and told me she let the state know how frustrated we are and how ridiculous it is that it’s taking so long (we had these fingerprints done March 8….FOUR months ago!). We could’ve had our home study complete 2 months ago had the state been on top of things. We knew there would more than likely be delays because of the shut-down, but we didn’t think they’d be this long.

However, we’re learning to look at the positives and I’ve said to Greg several times, ‘this waiting is truly a gift- we are ‘done’ with everything on our end. There isn’t anything we need to be doing right now and we can’t do anything more until this comes through.’ As my dear friend put it so nicely the other night- we’re in the 2nd trimester- where things get a little better and you carry on with life during the wait…until 3rd trimester hits and things get a little more crazy.

SO, we are enjoying this ‘2nd trimester’ and fully taking advantage of it being summer! However, would you pray boldly with us that these clearances come through SOON? We are enjoying the break but we’d love to head into the last ‘trimester’ soon. The road ahead is still very unknown- timelines and traveling- and we are learning the tough lesson over and over again that it’s ALL in God’s time.

We’re looking at possibly one more fundraiser idea- a Trivia Night/Silent Auction (because Trivia is our FAVE!)…but we’re waiting until probably early Fall since there aren’t many places that we can reserve and gather with a crowd. BUT, looking ahead, if you (or your business) would be interested in donating something (an item, gift card, experience, etc..) for the silent auction portion, let us know!

We HOPE to have more updates for you soon, but for the time being- enjoy the holiday weekend and join us in praying for those clearances to come through!