Cling to What You Know…

This post was titled- ‘Entryway: Mini Makeover’

I started writing with a completely different idea in mind until God intercepted. Here’s where I was headed…

“It’s been a while! I’ve been struggling for words lately- there is SO much going on in every aspect of life and it’s sometimes overwhelming to process it all to put into words. I imagine a lot of us feel this way- so I decided to go back to what I know best and to what comes easiest: decorating. Before I jump in, maybe that’s what you need to get you through today, or this weekend. With so much newness and uncertainty in life, maybe you need to go back to what you know best- to what comes easiest. Maybe that’s baking, maybe it’s play board games with your family, maybe it’s going for a walk, maybe it’s doing some laundry. When life feels unsure, cling to what you know.”

And then I stopped.

Did I hear what I was saying? “When life feels unsure, cling to what you know”…decorating?! Let’s try this again.

When life feels unsure, cling to what you know: CHRIST.

I’ll be honest, my first thought was decorating because that’s what I’ve been spending a lot of my quarantine doing- house projects, refinishing furniture, browsing for ideas. It’s first on my brain because it’s what I’ve been investing my time in.

How often during this quarantine have I soaked up Christ? I have ALL this extra time and how have I prioritized it? I feel super accomplished and caught up with my job (virtual teaching starts Monday), my house projects, ‘chores’, etc…but has my relationship with Christ changed?

I’ve accomplished a lot, but I’ve gained very little.

It’s humbling to reflect. It’s humbling to see how God intercepts a blog post and redirects me to Him. It’s humbling to admit I’m a Christ-follower that fails (often) and needs grace, upon grace, upon grace.

With Easter upon us, it’s even more humbling to realize Christ died for a sinner like me. A SINNER, like ME. I did nothing, absolutely nothing to deserve His love. I am saved by His GRACE.

During seasons of uncertainty it’s okay to cling to what’s familiar. It’s a healthy coping mechanism (most of the time). But as you cling to your routines, hobbies, and all that’s familiar; don’t forget to cling to your Savior. Clinging to decorating occupies me, but clinging to Christ saves me.

What (or more importantly, WHO) are you clinging to today?