Decorating: A How-To

Happy Monday! I hope this post is a welcome interruption to your newsfeed, email, and/or online browsing! Your Monday is probably starting off a bit different than normal and you’re probably going to be stuck inside more than normal the next week or two.

So what is there to do while spending extra time at home!? Decorate, of course!

Today my goal is to give you tips and inspiration for how I work through the decorating process in my own home. And then, when the boredom bug strikes, you can try it for yourself in your own space!

10 Tips for Beginner Decorators:

  1. Get Inspired- this is probably the most important tip. Before you can begin, you need to know what it is your going for. Do you like the farmhouse feel? Are you drawn to modern, clean spaces? Do you like lots of color? Pops of color? No color? I found that I really started to form my own ‘style’ when I’d browse Pinterest, Houzz, and online blogs and ‘save’ what resonated with me. Find a picture you love, think about how you could replicate it in your own home, with your own flair, and begin!
  2. Collect Stuff– this, for me, is the fun part and it doesn’t have to break the bank! I started my ‘decor’ hunt years ago at thrift stores. Collect things here and there and after a while you’ll have a little stash to work with. Garage sales, clearance sections, coupons, and facebook marketplace are great places to start! ***My goal is to clean out my decor stuff today…I’ll be posting it on Facebook Marketplace if you’re interested! Porch pick-up, no spreading of germs! :)***
  3. Start From the Outside and Work In-this took me a while to learn but it’s been so helpful. You have to start with your wall color. It’s the background for all you do. This doesn’t mean you have to paint, it just means keep in mind the ‘background’ color you’re working with when picking out decor. In our new house I picked out my pieces like this: wall color, window coverings, furniture, decor. This will help keep your style cohesive and not feel fragmented.
  4. Use a Variety of Textures– texture is my favorite! You MUST pay attention to texture and mix it up. If you have all wood in the same tone, a room will get very heavy. I love to make sure I have one of each of these textures (or more) in a room: fabric, wood, metal, glass, greenery. Texture helps break up color and space in a good way. Don’t be afraid of texture!
  5. Pick a Trio of Colors- this can make or break a room. Too many colors can make a room chaotic. When I decorate, I always work with a trio of colors. Example: in our living room I chose the colors gray, brown, and white. In our kitchen I chose gray, black, and white. This helps keep a space cohesive especially if you like bold colors- bold colors are fine, but stick to just three. If your colors are more neutral (like mine) it is a good idea to pick one ‘pop’ of color. In both our kitchen and living room I use green as that ‘pop’ of color. If your trio of colors is bold, pick a neutral to accent with (white or black).
  6. Work in Two’s and Three’s- this is essential! When placing decor, always, always, always work in groups of two or three. Just like with three colors mentioned above, things that work in three’s are pleasing to the eye. The biggest mistake I often see when people place decor is spreading things out or spacing things in a line (this can work in some instances if you’re intentional about it). Group things together! If you look at pictures of our house you’ll notice almost everything is in groups of two or three. It helps balance things out.
  7. Vary Height- along with putting things in groups of two or three, you MUST vary the height of your items. Do not put three things together that are all the same height (or texture). (Disclaimer: again, you can make this work in certain situations with a specific design in mind…there are always exceptions to the rule!)
  8. Less is More– get rid of stuff! Too much going on becomes chaotic. Don’t overcrowd your decor. Notice the pictures/styles that catch your eye and then notice how much ‘stuff’ they have in the space. If you feel overwhelmed because you don’t know where to put everything, you may have too much stuff. Get rid of some things or put stuff away.
  9. Play Around– arrange and rearrange. There are times where I rearrange a certain area 8-10 times before I finally like it. When you play around with things you realize what you start to like and what looks good. Decorating is not a one and done quick task. Try something out, let it sit for a few hours or a day, then decide if it works or you want to try something else.
  10. Make it YOU– I can’t say this enough. Your home is your space. YOU have like living in it. YOU have to be comfortable. YOU have to enjoy it. Some people hate decorating- I get it! I decorate my home the way I do because I love it. I don’t decorate it for others. Keep this in mind. Your home doesn’t have to look like the magazines just because that’s what everyone is doing. Own your style!

These 10 tips are a great place to start! Maybe trying them all seems overwhelming. Just pick two! Start small, enjoy the process, and you’ll gradually grow to own your style and love your decorating!

As always- I’d love to see your spaces! Share to inspire others!