Easy, Inexpensive Organization Ideas

I’m late! I had all good intentions of writing this and posting it this past Saturday, as the final post of the ‘organized living’ series, but life! Greg surprised me and we went to a hotel Friday night to celebrate my birthday. It was such a lovely time away- relaxing in the hot tub, a steak dinner, and walking around downtown Holland. It was the perfect way to celebrate 31! I then took the rest of the weekend to do whatever my heart desired and that meant neglecting my to-do list, which was lovely, but meant no blog!

So, the birthday celebrations are now over and we’re back to reality. Time to give you the last of my organized living ideas (for now)! These last few ideas are a bunch of random solutions from many different rooms in our house. They’re easy, inexpensive, and yet they provide quick organization.

I’ll start with our bedroom as that is one room I haven’t ‘featured’. Our bedroom is pretty simple- a bed, dresser, and two night stands. There isn’t a need for too much organization except for in our closets. We have two large closets which we love, but to make the most of our space, we both have drawer systems below our hanging stuff. These are your typical plastic drawers you can find anywhere and for $20 or less. We both keep our socks, undergarments, and belts/hats/scarves in them. They free up more space in our dresser and fill the unused space under the hanging clothes. It’s a pretty easy fix that offers a lot more storage! (I bet I don’t even need to tell you which closet is mine…)

I also keep all my jewelry in my bedroom. I like to hang my necklaces for easy access, but also like them to be hidden away. I wasn’t quite sure how to make that work in our new bedroom, but I found (these) hooks on Amazon. They were cheap, visually appealing, and strong! I was able to ‘hide’ them in my closet without them getting in the way of my clothes.

I’ve also had this organizational tray for my earrings for as long as I can remember. It’s a super inexpensive craft tray that you can find anywhere. (Here) is a similar one to mine. I just removed the lid and it fits nicely inside a drawer organizer that I keep on top of our dresser.

Speaking of the drawer organizer…my aunt gave it to me for Christmas years ago, but it’s followed me to every house as it works so nicely for my jewelry, watches, glasses, etc…I’ve seen similar ones at Hobby Lobby, etc…

That’s all for our bedroom. Next up- books. Greg is an avid reader. This means he has TONS of books. He actually has gotten rid of a lot since we got married and moved, but it’s still his one ‘collection’ that I don’t mind. However, storing books can be tricky. We ordered this bookshelf with some wedding money and thought it’d have more than enough space to hold all his books. Wrong. So we kept as many books on it as we could, and Greg put his ‘non-essentials’ in a tote in the storage room. However, to make more room on the bookshelf, I used baskets. Putting some books in the baskets allowed us to fit about 20 extra books. Try it for yourself!

Greg also has a few gaming systems. We knew we wanted a TV space downstairs, but didn’t want to spend a ton on another ‘entertainment’ center. We bought (this) cube shelf from Target and (these) baskets from Amazon. Each gaming system got its own ‘home’ and the baskets were perfect for holding games and controllers!

And now for the last space to show you- our storage room. It’s nothing pretty, but we’ve tried to maximize the space. We had a shelving unit that we had in the living room of our old house but didn’t find a place for at the new house. It’s serving well to hold some things in the storage room. We also bought (these) shelves from Home Depot. We have one set out in our garage too. They are awesome. It serves to hold some extra ‘kitchen’ things that I use only a few times a year and it works as a little pantry for extra food items. We also have some more plastic drawers, totes, and a gun cabinet under the stairs. For now, we don’t have too much down here, but we’ve tried to maximize the space as best we can!

And there you have it! Some odds and ends ideas but hopefully something that sparked your imagination for what you could do in your own home. I’ll be sure to share some more organized living ideas in the weeks and months to come, but I’m also excited to write about some other things percolating in my mind. It’s been fun giving you a glimpse into our home AND hearing about what you’ve been inspired to do in your home! It warms my heart!

Happy organizing!