Laundry Room Hacks

Happy February! I feel like January flew by, and I’m guessing that puts me in the minority. I’ve seen some laughable memes this past week about how agonizingly long January seemed. Regardless of how you felt, I think we can all celebrate turning a calendar page!

I’m keeping today’s post short and sweet. I doubt you’ll find any earth shattering ideas, but I always share to inspire. And something that seems ‘simple’ to me, might be just the inspiration you need.

The laundry room. Does anyone actually LIKE the laundry room?! I hate doing laundry…it is one of my least favorite household chores. But if it’s something we have to do, we might as well enjoy the space we’re doing in! At our condo, our ‘laundry room’ was a closet, in our main hallway. #itwasnotalaundryroom

So when we toured our house while it was on the market, I fell in love with the spacious laundry room. Hated the color, but that was an easy fix.

The first thing we did, obviously, was paint. We went with the same light grey we used in our living room and it totally lightened up the space. We also switched out their washer and dryer for ours. Shameless plug: Speed Queens are the BEST. (Again, Gerrits Appliance for the win.) We bought our set just a year ago and splurged a bit, so we REALLY did not want to sell them with the condo. I’m so glad we took them with. The only issue we had, was that the house was fitted for a gas dryer and ours was electric. Thanks to an amazing brother who’s an electrician, he did whatever needed to be done to make the switch. We now have a slight eye sore (tubing) along the wall, BUT it meant keeping our Speed Queens. Small sacrifice.

As you remember from last weeks post, we have limited closet space upstairs. I knew that the laundry room was big enough that it could provide some extra storage for us, with the right pieces. The shelf and rod along the wall were already there and waiting for some…..baskets (my go-to solution)! These help hold many of the linens and extra towels that I would’ve normally kept upstairs.

We also had a dresser from our spare room at the condo that we didn’t have a place for at the new house. I was ALMOST going to get rid of it, when I decided it might just work in the laundry room. I’m SO glad we tried it out. It fits perfectly, helps bring the space together, and adds storage. A dresser in the laundry room does seem odd at first, but it’s a great storage solution! Currently it holds odds and ends laundry stuff, beach towels, and has an EMPTY drawer!

The shelves above the washer and dryer were also welcome storage space. In a narrow room like this, adding shelving and working ‘up’ can be a huge advantage! Again, some baskets to store some things, and some decor to keep it light and simple.

Last but not least, we have a little utility tub that has the cutest little pedestal/cupboard. There’s not room to store much, but it does hold some essentials. Also, rather than wasting the awkward space underneath, I found a short basket to hold extra toilet paper and other bathroom supplies. Make the most of EVERY little space!

We also put up our drying rack that we always had to put up and take down at the condo (thanks to no real laundry room) and added some blinds to make it feel a bit more homey and give some privacy.

I love every bit of this room and it makes doing laundry a TINY bit more bearable. 🙂 What’s your laundry situation? Can you add anything upwards to give you more storage? What about adding a dresser? Too weird or might it be the perfect solution? Take a fresh set eyes of to your laundry situation and make it a place you LIKE to see and be in.

Stay tuned for next week, the last organized living post of the series, with a mishmash of ideas!