Small Bathroom, Maximum Storage

When we listed our condo in August we didn’t have much time to be picky about a future house. When we toured our now home, there was SO much we fell in love with and only a few compromises we needed to make. One of the compromises was the bathroom. It was very nicely updated but it was on the smaller side. Our condo had a rather spacious master bath with plenty of storage. Our new bathroom is about half the size. It was going to take some creativity and major organization to make it work. This is the bathroom we saw that first day:

No closet or anything.

Thankfully, the old homeowners helped combat the storage issue in the bathroom by adding in a medicine cabinet style mirror and some custom cabinets that look like they’re a part of the woodwork. If you’re working with a small bathroom consider ways to add storage in already existing places.

I also knew right away that there was some wasted wall space above the toilet that could be easily remedied by adding shelves. After scouring the internet for the perfect shelves (floating wood shelves are expensive!) I found the perfect (and affordable) ones on amazon. You can find them (here) if interested. Best part: they were SUPER easy to hang. The top shelf is purely decor but the bottom shelf holds our Q-tips and cotton balls (things we use daily) in cute glass jars- both practical and adds to the decor. Next to them I planned to have a narrow basket with washcloths but we ended up having extra space (yes, extra!) in the vanity so I filled the shelf with more decor. But, now we have the shelves and if we need more storage in the future, decor can easily be replaced by functional storage.

On to the vanity- if you read my last blog post (here), you know that I LOVE baskets, dividers, and organizers to maximize space. The space under the sink wasn’t big and the drawers aren’t huge, but I made sure everything had a home! Bins, dividers, and drawers were a lifesaver! You can double, if not triple, your space by adding these inexpensive organizers. You can find them almost anywhere- Meijers, Target, WalMart, Dollar Tree, or even Amazon (try these).

The biggest problem I ran into: where to store my blow dryer and straightener. I use them DAILY and I didn’t want to have to haul them out of a tricky spot, I didn’t want them taking up our already small counter space, and I didn’t want them to take up precious vanity space needed for other items. So I scoured amazon for a solution and found the PERFECT one. I’m in LOVE with this holder. It was cheap, easy to install, and keeps my tools easily accessible! I can’t recommend it enough. Get one for yourself (here)!

The next problem: towels. There were no hooks, no towel bars, and no wall space to add them! We decided our best bet was the back of the door, but the door opens right up to the shower- so we didn’t want anything that would stick out too far. We also didn’t want a double hook (towels don’t dry as well) and we wanted something that would blend with the rest of the bathroom fixtures. Amazon to the rescue again. We found (these) sleek, minimalistic, sturdy hooks. Again, super easy to install and very strong. We decided to keep our extra towels in the laundry room (stay tuned for that post later) because who says extra towels need to stay in the bathroom!?

Another pet peeve I soon ran into was no washcloth bar in the shower. I wanted something to hang my washcloth on, but didn’t want anything too permanent nor too flimsy. I also (always my goal) wanted something to match the fixtures. Cue Amazon. I found this amazingly strong suction cup hook and it’s been perfect! It hasn’t budged a bit. Find yourself one (here.)

My last little tip for a tiny bathroom is to keep the counter clear. Our counter space is small and so we don’t store anything non-essential on it. It helps keep the bathroom looking clutter free and open!

After now living in our house for 2 months, the bathroom is a non-issue. We have plenty of storage and have made it work perfectly for us. What were we so worried about? A few easy fixes, added storage, and smart organization can make any space work flawlessly.

I hope you enjoyed an in depth look at our bathroom- I mean how often do you get to glimpse in to the private nooks and crannies of your friends bathrooms!? You’re welcome. 🙂 If you have any questions about any of the products I used, feel free to ask! I love being able to share quality finds with others. Up next, our organized entryway!