5 Tree Trimming Tips

I love Christmas. I mean LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. The more something evokes my senses, the more attached I get to it- Christmas does all that and more. I’ve always been one of those crazy Christmas fanatics that has their tree up and Christmas music playing in November. My reasoning? Christmas is such a short season as is…I want maximum time to enjoy it!

Being in a new house and all, Greg and I decided it was time to retire our 5ft, $5 thrift store tree and upgrade to a 7.5ft pre-lit tree. New house also meant new paint colors and decor, so obviously we needed some new Christmas tree trimmings to match! Hence what I’m sharing with you today.

Trimming a tree to match your style isn’t as hard as you may think. Follow these few guidelines, check out the products below (no I’m not paid to advertise!), and make it YOURS!

Happy Decorating!

Tree Trimming Tips:

  1. Pick a Style– too often as people shop for tree trimmings they see SO many cute things and buy a little bit of everything. I’m guilty too! Then you get home, throw it on the tree and it looks like a hodge podge of stuff. To avoid this happening, decide on a style before shopping. What are you going for? Shabby chic? Modern? Monochromatic? This year I went ‘farmhouse-ish’.
  2. Pick a Color Palette– I knew I wanted to stick with a farmhouse type style this year, but within that style there are still SO many options. This is where color choice comes in and can help narrow your selection. I did some inspiration searching (Pinterest, Blogs, Etc…) and decided I wanted to stick with neutrals-black, white, & brown. This sounds SUPER boring, I know. But with the right mixture of elements, it proves to be a very clean, well blended look. Trust me!
  3. Choose Multiple Textures AND Sizes– when shopping for trimmings, I always try to mix and match as many textures and sizes as I can. Because of my neutral color palette, I knew I needed to add variation and visual excitement in other ways. On our tree this year you’ll find: galvanized metal, wood, fabric, corrugated cardboard, yarn, fur, and chalkboard material. You’ll also find a variety of large, medium, and small ornaments all placed very intentionally.
  4. Add Horizontal Trimmings– I’m a firm believer in adding some sort of horizontal trimming to your tree- it helps bring the tree together from top to bottom. There are many ways you can do this: ribbon, popcorn strands, beads, etc…On our tree I went with wooden beads and some buffalo plaid ribbon. I think the two varieties again keep it visually interesting! I’m also a firm believer in making it look natural! There is not perfect spacing between each row of ribbon, etc…
  5. Use What You Have– on our ‘old’ tree I used a lot of red and therefore had many red ornaments. I knew that this year I wanted to move away from red, so I donated many of our old ornaments. However, picking a new style doesn’t mean starting from scratch! Think about what you have and how you could use it in your new style. I saved about half of our old ornaments that I knew would still work with my ‘theme’.

Overall, do what makes YOU happy! I know many people that love to avoid any sort of ‘style’ and fill their tree with meaningful ornaments, ornaments inspired by hobbies, etc… Christmas is a time of memories, joy, and tradition and as long as you love your tree, nothing else matters! However, if you are looking for inspiration or new ideas…consider some of the guidelines above, check out the pics below, and if you really love our tree-check out the links at the end to find the exact items I used!

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